642 Things #23 – Ziggy Dog Day Afternoon

img_6263A day of comfort in the warmth of the sun

Ziggy rests joyfully in the fallen leaves

Street noises and passersby bring no distraction

It isn’t long before sleep overcomes him

Dream settling in swiftly

The fence looks aged

Once bright golden cedar has faded to soft brown

Posts slightly shrunk from the elements

Seated atop the fence brace rests a squirrel

Tan as the fence upon which it sits

The squirrel dines on a peanut scavenged from nearby

Chunks of shell go flying

As the squirrel furiously tears it apart

Idled in the grass across the yard lies Ziggy

Hunched in attack position he waits

The squirrel is clueless to the lurking hunter

Ziggy rises slowly

Taking steps carefully so as to not alert his target

Each step closer is a taste of the prize that awaits

Meanwhile the squirrel has joyfully reached the peanuts within

Piece by piece devoured with bliss

Ziggy steadies himself poised to pounce

Reactions so swift they’re a blur

At the fence before the squirrel knows the danger is real

Ziggy leaps for his prize

Poof! It’s gone as if it was never there to begin

The fence greets Ziggy roughly as he slams into it

Abruptly, Ziggy wakes up, still laying comfortably in the sun

In the distance on the fence perches a squirrel

Ziggy considers it for a moment and lays his head back down

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