642 Things #20 – All The Things

Furiously I can hear all the things

Perceived whispers translate loudly to screams

Echoing endlessly they rattle my brain

Awake or dreaming

Impossible to know which

My eyes scan for meaning

My ears splintering in pain

Covered ears provide no relief

The sounds are in my head

Voices of joy, anger, love and disgust

Men, women and children

Secrets, lies and hidden truths

They bounce of the walls of my skull

No end to the torment

All the things wreak havoc

Alone with the noise

Sense of calm nowhere to be found

The lament of my struggles

Internal synoptic battles rage thunderously

What will be the end?

What will be my salvation?

A voice shines through

Becoming more clear with each moment

Words of familiarity

It brings focus back to my internal war

My mother’s voice saying my name

The strength of someone lifting me up

I open my eyes and see her comforting glow

The words bring the world to a stop


Charles Francis

Charles Francis Xavier

The voices die off and end all the things but her

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