642 Things #18 – What’s On Tonight?

Another day, another grisly and satisfying job well done. It’s not easy being a serial killer in my spare time. Dexter really made it hard for us. He gave away our best secrets, so we’ve had to make new ones. Like him, I (along with my organization) take care of those horrific creatures that slip through the judicial cracks. They chose to do heinous acts against humanity and justice couldn’t take care of them. So we step in. It’s got to be done. Anyway, it’s been a long day. So what’s on tonight?

My life is virtually no different than yours. Sure most days I’m washing myself clean of the splatter and mess in the wee hours, but I too need to sit and veg out in front of the TV. Which brings me back to the question at hand – what’s on tonight?

Scanning the DVR, I see the new seasons of my favorites haven’t yet started. Reruns and trash. Today was in particular, a tough day. Mentally and physically draining. Might be a rerun type of day. Scrubs – that sounds perfect. Although, I’ve got some really old episodes of Mythbusters that I need to catch-up on too. You’d be surprised at the ideas I get from Mythbusters that translate to my nighttime activities.

It’s one of those nights. Nothing exciting me too much. I wonder how long I’ve been scrolling through the queue and saved shows? Probably longer than an episode of any one of the shows I’ve recorded. Ancient Aliens? When the hell did I record that? Yikes. Delete.

Damn, this DVR queue is just so full of crap. I’m not even sure why I subscribed to record any of these series. There’s just so much to waste time on. I’ve got better things to do, bodies to hide and alibis to solidify. To much to worry about than worry what’s on tonight.

Ohh – House Hunters International! Forget, tonight’s alibi can wait. This episode is in Aruba!


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