642 Things #16 – Time To Go

I’ll admit it, the biggest challenge to being thousands of miles away from where I grew up is the distance to our family. Both my wife and my immediate families all live in the same city where we grew up. A large number of our closest childhood friends do as well. For us though, it was time to go.

My wife and I both craved a change many years ago, we chose to make that change knowing full well that we’d inevitably start a family and that meant our future children wouldn’t see their grandparents or aunt or uncle nearly as often as we liked.

Knowing that however did not sway us from our decision. We wanted to live our life where we chose, together and enjoy where we made our home. Of course, that wasn’t the only complication. Whereas most people could hop in a car, or a plane and then a car, could be home within a day, our remote home choice was rather isolating.

It isn’t everyday you’re offered the chance to live on a tiny island in a sea so stunning and beautiful that you wake up wondering if you’re dream. Imagine, it for yourself. The second sun has set, leaving a streak of green across the sky and reflecting off the lilac sea. The thick gel waves, flow as slowly as ever, and settle silently on the rocky shore. It’s about as perfect as any place on TRSC-45245 could be. Think of that! How could it not be time to go?

Thankfully, the tube transport at city center was reliant and fast. Getting to mainland was fast and that would prove important when we welcomed our little squirt to the planet. As he grew older, and his tentacles came in and his eyesight grew to full capacity in all 12 eyes, he got to explore the island more and we welcomed our family when they visited.

Our home was perfect for us and the place to wanted to raise Alk1lin3. He enjoyed the exclusive perks of the gel sea, a thing so unique and special, it only existed in this location, on TRSC-45245 and the only planet in this galaxy. Not to mention the lush and chewable atmosphere, providing ample sustenance for the flora and fauna of the island – it was paradise. Our family gets it.

But, when we do go home for the Galactic Soirée, it is always hard to leave. Alk1lin3 loves being with his grandparents and his cousins. A few days of splendid familial bonding and it’s time to go again. Like years before, it’s hard to go, but for us – it’s always time to go. We may be at home, but it’s time to go to our home.

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