642 Things #15 – Adhere to cliché

Dropping the words like bombs on the Middle East

A delectable dichotomy on which to feast

Directed to adhere to cliché

Rise above and and challenge the day

The theme matters not

Clear the message from the rot

It asks for a cop

As expected as the wet on a mop

It asks for drugs and a bust

Like a weathered pipe – this’ll scrape off the rust

Take the theme and twist it on it’s head

Remove the dog from the bed

Place it as the culprit

At the head of the pulpit

Spitting barks, bites and rhymes

Not another stereotyped set of times

A cliché mold ready to be recast

The song is something new – not from the past

Rambling bullshit or something else to hide?

Ultimately it’s up to you to decide

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