365 Shadows – Photo Stats

Yesterday I published a post looking back at a year in the making of my first 365 project. Today, I want to highlight a few stats about the project.

365 photos were taken between January 1 – December 31, 2009. Each photo was uploaded to Flickr everyday. The total views of the photos and photo set totaled a little over 6000 views.

A few photos were stand outs in regards to their view count. Below is the top five most viewed photos, location where taken and their view total during 2009.

325/365 – viewed 52 times.


23/365 – viewed 45 times.


40/365 – viewed 42 times.

Brewer’s Hill, Milwaukee

57/365 – viewed 38 times.

Brewer’s Hill, Milwaukee

226/365 – viewed 36 times.

Lincoln Square, Chicago

What I find most interesting is the viral nature of these photos. Nearly all photos posted to my Flickr page created an automatic Tweet on Twitter. There was also some automatic posting to Facebook. However, majority of the referrers for each of these photos was virally through Flickr and in some cases, Google Image search. Even more strangely, looking at the above 5 photos, I probably wouldn’t even put them in my top 5 favorite photos of the entire year. In fact, 325 is the only one that may crack the top 10.

As it is, with over 6000 views, I consider this project a huge success for me and need to offer another thank you to everyone that took time to check out my project. In the coming week, I plan to post my top 10 favorite photos from the project. Stay tuned.

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