30 Rock and The Office return!

Last night 30 Rock and The Office (US) returned with new episodes to NBC following the hiatus from the WGA strike. It was a long drought, with the last new episodes airing in early January.

30 Rock last night came back in full force. Expectations were high considering that writers had months to prepare this episode rather than a week. It succeeded on every level. This week’s episode titled "Milf Island" wonderfully mocked reality shows while playing parallel to 30 Rock‘s story.

While, the episode started slow, the comedic elements continued to pick up pace. I won’t go into details in case you missed it, but as always were a few moments I was laughing out loud.

-Pete successfully dialing an extension after throwing items at the phone only to get his own extension… his scream in the background was great.
-Liz Lemon being copied in a Cathy cartoon "Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate, ack!"

The Office also returned last night. I really missed those Dunder Mifflin kids. Anyway, I thought the episode succeeded in every way it attempted. I’ve never felt more awkward watching a show before in my life. It’s in retrospect that I think about the episode and realize that the writers took advantage of their time off. With no subplots, we were given full focus on the shit-storm that is Jan and Michael’s relationship.

I’d love to go into more detail, but the AV Club’s TV Club section wrote up a wonderful review. I can’t top that. Enjoy.

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