2008 Summer Olympics – swimming

We all know about the legacy of Michael Phelps, but he and his American teammates just performed the most exciting swim race I've ever seen.

The Americans came from behind to beat France, the heavy favorites, in the 4x100m freestyle relay and claim the gold as well as shatter the world record. Stories swarmed around this event as the French relay team talked a significant amount of trash about how they would "smash" the Americans.

But, as Phelps continues his conquest to me the most decorated Olympian, this looked to be his most challenging task and his teammates didn't let him down.
The Olympics bring the world together, and as the American team came from behind on the stoke of anchor Jason Lezak, the roar of the crowd and the excitement of the Olympics rushed to a new high.

If this is any indication of the things to come in these Olympics, it's going to be an exciting couple weeks.

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